5 step self-hypnosis

This self-hypnosis is to be learned by heart, before using the affirmations technique. Before you read and perform this self-hypnosis exercise, I will ask one thing of you.

Put all preconceived ideas about hypnosis away. Including ideas about what you think it will be like to be in hypnosis. Just follow my instructions blindly.

From my long experience of live hypnosis and self-hypnosis sessions, I know one particular factor must be met, in order to go in hypnosis quickly and efficiently.

Therefore, it´s crucial that you don´t search for any signs of, whether you are in hypnosis or not. Just assume that you are.

It’s about giving the critical factor, as little to work with as possible. Assume that you easily will go into hypnosis, and that everything is absolutely perfect, when you hypnotize yourself.

Trust your own abilities, and that the state of hypnosis is natural and comfortable.

“Fake it till you make it”

Position yourself comfortably:

I assume that you already have found a place, where you can sit or lie down completely undisturbed, so you easily and without any problems can drift away into a pleasant state of hypnosis.

Please ensure that all electronic devises are turned off. You may want to turn your phone on flight mode.

Adjust your position, so that you sit or lie as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Then use a little time to let everything be exactly as it is. Don´t close your eyes yet, but accept the sounds around you, or perhaps if emotions arise. Just allow everything to be exactly as it is. Be observant.

Step 1:

Find a fixed point, placed slightly upwards in your field of vision. Focus on this point, let both your eyes disappear completely into it. While focusing repeat within yourself.

“I’m going deep into hypnosis”

Repeat the mantra in a smooth and steady pace with a calm, soft and relaxed inner voice.

Then begin very slowly closing your eyes, in the same manner as when you experience fatigue late in the evening. When your eyes are closed, continue to repeat the affirmation internally.

Step 2:

After a minute or two, start turning down the volume of the inner sentence. Do this very slowly, while listening to how your inner voice becomes weaker and weaker, until it eventually fades away. Listen to the sound of nothing, emptiness, the absence of words. Relax.

Step 3:

Then imagine and pretend that it is impossible to open your eyes, though you rationally know you can. Pretend that you are trying, but it´s impossible. Try but give up.

Feel the tension of the eye muscles trying to lift the eyelids. Then in a split second let your eyes go totally relaxed, loose and limb and let them become heavy, tired and relaxed.

At the same time allow all that relaxation from your eyes and eyelids to flow all over your entire body, as if a giant tsunami completely overwhelmed you. Washing away all tension while flowing out to all areas of your body.

To the top and bottom, from inside and outside, along your back, down to you feet, out to your fingertips. Let yourself float into that relaxed state. Become a heavy, drowsy and relaxed. Play along, fantasize, imagine.

Step 4:

Fine. The next step is enhancing the depth of the hypnosis. Start counting very slowly from 1 and up.

Open your eyes at 1 and close on the word “deeper” Again open at 2 and close to deeper (said inward) – repeat until your eyes are too heavy to open. Expect this to happen, pretend, fake it until you make it!

Step 5:

Imagine yourself in an elevator. Look at the display. The elevator has 10 floors. The bottom floor is called “Your subconscious garden”. This is your destination. Press the button for that floor. Begin descending.

Imagine yourself on each floor becoming more and more relaxed, more heavy and calm. Follow the numbers on the display to the bottom.

If you for some reason don´t feel comfortable with elevators, just take a staircase instead to the bottom floor or maybe an escalator. The important thing is that you just relax, and let go for every step.

Self-hypnosis summary:

  1. Focus on a fixed point, say the hypnosis mantra inwards and slowly close your eyes.
  2. Slowly turn down the volume of the mantra, until inner mental silence is reached.
  3. Eye fixation and release / relaxation.
  4. Open and close eyes deepening.
  5. Elevator/stairs – 10 steps deepening.

Open the door and step out into your unconscious garden. Fantasise and let all the impressions become strong, vibrant and real. As stepping directly into the movie Avatar or Alice in Wonderland.

Find a nice place to relax. You can imagine sitting or lying in a pleasant and comfortable chair. Repeat your affirmation again and again in this very relaxed state, until you fall asleep or choose to return to full consciousness.